Quintet and Voice

For years, trumpet players have aligned themselves with solo singers, especially sopranos, to perform the great Baroque repertoire for trumpet and voice. Organ reductions were created to replace the string parts making this great pairing more portable. Now, these terrific trumpet and voice duets can be played by a standard brass quintet.

The solo trumpet part remains the same (also allowing for performance on natural trumpet) and the remainder of the quintet performs the string parts. The 2nd trumpet often performs on flugel horn to create a greater cohesion within the ensemble allowing for the bright piccolo (or natural) trumpet sound to float above the ensemble in duet with the soprano or bass. This series will allow for more performances of these pieces in solo recital, chamber recital and concert situations.

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Aria from Cantata 51 BWV 51 Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Johann Sebastian Bach Brass Quintet and Soprano
BQ26239 Price: $15.00 Duration: 3:05
Quel Che Dice Il Tuo Bel Core Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Giovanni Battista Bassani Brass Quintet and Soprano
BQ26242 Price: $15.00 Duration: 2:25
Festeggiate Amiche Trombe Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Giovanni Paolo Colonna Brass Quintet and Soprano
BQ26240 Price: $15.00 Duration: 1:50
Let the Bright Seraphim Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
George Frederic Handel Brass Quintet and Soprano
BQ26244 Price: $15.00 Duration: 3:00
Eternal Source of Light Divine Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
George Frederic Handel Brass Quintet and Soprano
BQ26245 Price: $15.00 Duration: 2:35
Su le Sponde del Tebro Difficulty: Difficult
Alessandro Scarlatti Brass Quintet and Soprano
BQ26246 Price: $30.00 Duration: 12:00

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