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We are always happy to accept submissions for consideration. We are open to anyone sending us music. Have a look at the type of music we publish. You make the decision on whether or not you feel your music fits in with our catalog. There are many different publishers with different interests and specialities. For example, if your abilities lie in composing and arranging choral music or string music, please look elsewhere as there are publishers that will consider your pieces for those, and other, instrumentations.

We publish only works in the public domain and new compositions. New solo and ensemble music is released in January, May and September. Concert Band music is released in April every year. We work on Finale software. Feel free to email files to us. If you work on Sibelius or another notation program, please send PDF's with a MIDI created MP3. If the music is in manuscript, please send a recording as well.

Please be aware that scores and recordings will not be mailed back to you.

Please understand that the process of looking at scores and listening to people�s music takes time. We are constantly getting new pieces sent to us for consideration. Every piece is looked at carefully for marketability and suitability for our catalog. The process to decide on whether or not to publish a piece could take months. There are sometimes hundreds of pieces to go through in a given year. Your patience in this process is appreciated.

Any submissions should be sent to:

Attention: David
Eighth Note Publications
25 Robinson Street
Markham, ON
L3P 1N5

Thank you for your interest in Eighth Note Publications.

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