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David Marlatt
Difficulty: Grade 2 Order Code: CB223460
Duration: 3:15 Price: $65.00

Waterscape is the fourth piece in a series of elements inspired works. It contains an atmospheric opening with alto sax and flute solos before moving into a flowing series of melodies depicting the majesty and power of water, whether it be cascading rivers or spectacular waterfalls. It then fades again to a quiet ending featuring another flute solo. Also available in this set of pieces is Windscape, a multi sectioned work featuring colorful percussion writing, various solos and the erie sound of wine glasses. Earthscape is a peaceful depiction of the view of our blue planet from black emptiness of space. Firescape demonstrates the various characteristics of fire described by the titles of each section - Hephaestus - God of Fire, By the Glow of a Candle and Wildfire!


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